Engineering for Productive Speech Technology

TaskSpeech® Studio

Apply what you learn from our tools for better results wtih any speech tech platform.

Learn and master the properties of speech and speech recognition with our tools, apps and courseware that demystify speech technology. 

Learn the Intricacies of Speech Technology

Merely deciphering speech to text is only a small part of the solution for an effective voice-first user interface. This is the dominant method for today’s speech tech platforms. There are many interdependent properties of automatic speech recognition (ASR) that affect its accuracy.

We offer learning materials including courseware, apps and reference guides needed by the speech tech industry.

Work with our app, TaskSpeech® Lab, and our courseware to master the various interdependent properties for automatic speech recognition (ASR).

Learn about the science behind the today's smart speakers and voice assistants.

We are committed to developing resources that are open and configurable.

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